Wednesday, December 19, 2012

One Torrid Beginning Written by: Leia Mann

Few more days until Christmas and with all that is going on including me catching the annual cold I decided to take a break from knitting and holiday tales to read more with my libido. A friend sent me a book saying I would appreciate this short but steamy novel, not sure what my friend thinks of me after having read this book, but yowza. The writing is a tad predictable but the there is humor here and it makes for a fun and steamy story. Liz is broke just outright penniless living a life of maxed out credit cards, student loans, and just more bills. She is 31 years old and thirty thousand dollars in debt with a degree in anthropology that just isn't working out for her. Her current jobs pays very little and she goes bar hopping for the free food at happy hour. Well it seems Liz's luck just may change at least as far as her hormones are concerned. Liz is one of those bombshells of a woman and with brains she just doesn't have any real direction, and it seems that Max a male prostitute is willing to give Liz a very special discount for his services and not just his but his and his equally sexy friend Joe. This story is just hot and I will never look at peanut butter and jelly quite the same way again not bad if you're in the mood for a quickie.

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