Sunday, December 9, 2012

Life, Love and A polar Bear Tattoo Written by: Heather Wardell

I had to sleep on this book, I was so conflicted by the main characters plight she is Candice or as some from her past know her as Candy. I know I just said only happy book, but it was in with the Christmas books! This book takes place in Canada in August, and after visiting Canada recently I have to say very nice place indeed. Any who Candice is at a point in her life where according to her Friend Larissa there are some big change coming, and great foreshadowing because yes a great amount of change is going to occur in Candice's life. Last Christmas what was to be a wonderful present from her in-laws turned into a disastrous event that has left a rift between her and her husband Ian. They appear to be in a rut and so she has let her husband go off on a one month project in India. She is home with her cat Ninja crocheting away and reading tons of novels, but then something happens she decides to change her life little by little and they're all pretty good changes and really who isn't the tattoo type?  The only thing is during all of these changes an old flame from her past comes into the picture and this is where I became very conflicted. Ian her husband has been cold, distant, and all together not very kind since Christmas when a very big event that left both him and Candice fragmented. Then there is Kegan  the man who broke Candice's heart but, he's sexy, successful, and above all else wants Candice back. She feels like she's stuck inside of one of her cheap romance novels minus the heaving bosom of course. It was really difficult to root for either guy Ian or Kegan since both have their pluses, and both have their minuses, however Candice is MARRIED to Ian. But, at 31 and married for two years was she really meant to be with Ian, or was he just the first nice man to come along after her heart break from Kegan? So soap opera, but really everyone at some point it seems questions did I make the right choice? But, Marriage is supposed to be worked at and needs both parties to do so, and in this case it doesn't seem like either party is really trying to fix their marriage. But, the book itself was written so fresh and honest I really liked Candice and her work and overall life. The sub characters in this book were a hoot too, but mostly it was all about Candice and what would be her choice? I will admit I was very happy with how this book ended and felt all warm and fuzzy at the end. It was a fun book that brings a lot of life questions into the mix, but in a way that is refresing and all together fun. Cannot give spoilers, it would just ruin the book for you, but must say read this book for a fun time that will take you just draw  you in.

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