Thursday, December 13, 2012

A Gift of Snow Written by Missy Maxim

Hello fellow readers, so...books right throwing myself into them. (that and Knitting both great hobbies for the eyes by the way) This one book came to me and I thought ok A gift of Snow must be Christmas well it was, the beginning is interesting with a person begging their car not to break down in a snowstorm and obviously begging doesn't work. Then we shift gears and this story changes and it hit somewhat close to home. The main character Jennifer Donovan lives in the mountains above L.A. she's widowed 10 months her husband it seems lost touch with life and self destructed, which I really wish people could find a way not to just give up hope, but... yeah. So Jennifer knew something was wrong, but just didn't know how wrong or just what would happen, and so she has been alone widowed for 10 months. It is Christmas eve and her sister and mother cannot come out to visit so now she is all alone and snowed in with no one to celebrate with...or is she? Jennifer finds herself hosting a complete stranger Will who has bleached hair with the roots showing, a guitar case, and a slight British accent is stranded with no winter gear whatsoever.  With both of them being alone on Christmas Eve and only themselves for company it quickly becomes apparent these two strangers just may have a spark of something the story is short, but very cute and happy. There were a few print errors here and there, but I mainly blame that on the editor. The dialogue was so cute too I just kept thinking to myself mmmm... yes that can be a word especially when hot chocolate, Christmas lights, and romance are involved. A Gift of Snow was also pretty clever as you will find out there are two meanings behind that title. The book also had some um well let's just say the snow was not chilling these two as much as it might have had they not met. So a good short read I know I've been saying that a lot lately, but these books are good and short just nice little moments the authors are kind enough to let us share with them before going back to our own busy lives.

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