Thursday, December 20, 2012

Someone To Believe In Written by: Kathryn Shay

It is a tough time in the world right now, there is so much happiness at this time of year and yet there is also a lot of misery. Sometimes I find myself wondering why and how so many people find themselves as enemies with no compromises to be made instead blood is shed and lives are ended. In the era of civilized society still we the human race find reasons to kill and they aren't new in fact so many are old I will just never understand the glory and reasoning behind people making enemies. We are all people, even in my country even politicians in my country speak of a war on their own people if it furthers their causes. This book brings that lack of people willing to compromise into the forefront and even brings politicians to the table. Kathryn Shay is a very good writer from what I can tell reading this book it was very detailed and written with much conviction. It is also clear that Shay's own characters that she created got away from her. This book begins 10 years ago Bailey O'Neil went to prison because she wouldn't give up a street gang kid to the police, the man who helped put her away is Clayton Wainwright. Now, ten years later Clayton is a senator and Bailey is still helping troubled gang children. Clayton is a staunch conservative who comes from money and a cold calculating family. Where Bailey is quite liberal and comes from a big warm house hold. These two are both butting heads even now, but now they are thrown together for similar causes and both are unwilling to compromise Clay believes in the system and working within it where Bailey believes working outside of the system to gain these children's trust. In order for them to get anywhere they are going to have to work together but can they? This was a very good novel and really shows just how different people can be even if they are working towards the same goal, and it teaches that people must give a little and take a little in order to get anything done in life. Compromise, say it with me readers... C-O-M-P-R-O-M-I-S-E! But, this book is also quite romantic and are Bailey and Clay willing to put their differences aside and give themselves a chance? Will their worlds they created survive? Will their families support and survive their relationships? A great novel that also brings up some very heavy topics that we are trying to deal with today. This book packs a lot in it but the reading goes quickly.

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