Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Forgotten Eden Written by: Aiden James

Good morning Readers, I hope you're all getting in plenty or hammock and beach time reading. Sadly, the weather here has made a lot of that quite impossible for me as of late, that and it being con season/year makes it tough to fall into a book especially when reality is proving so much more interesting. That being said I finally did manage to stumble into a book rather I dragged myself into the book I just finished. We have a young man of 21 years old named Jack Kenney a well defined handsome man who has a story both him and his older brother Jeremy share, but until now neither of them have spoken of the very strange, scary, and sad story of the Season they experienced as boys. That is until both brothers are dragged in for questioning for the murder of their mentor by some very shady and heavy handed police officers. Jack is saved a severe beating when an agent Peter McNamee comes in to listen to Jacks story the "entire" story he's been holding in for many years. This tale is such a tall tale in that it just keeps building and gets bigger and bigger as Jack tells his story also the story is so long it appears like it will never end! The story itself is quite interesting and drags a lot of classic Irish, Mayan,  Indians and other ancient folk tales into it, but it is such a long journey I found myself at times trying not to will the pages to make the words speed up! Then when we finally do reach what appears to be a particular climactic moment in the tale perhaps a big destination it's as if "Okay, we've seen it! Let's go home!" It's not that whiplash causing but it comes very close and Jack sure he's a child but sometimes I wonder if perhaps children should be cautioned more in this day and age rather than be kept so pure and naive might have saved Jack a whole lot of trouble in fact his entire family and town may have suffered less if people would tell some cautionary tales... Or put up huge signs saying "DANGER! DANGER! DANGER! Beyond this point there be Death!" But, nope guess we wouldn't have much of a story then would we? Granted, it also seems like this area of America in the South was also under a bit of a spell during what Jack's Grandpa calls "The Season." So, Jack has an adventure from what he tells Agent McNamee and then the story becomes a tale within a tale when later on Jack's Grandpa shares his own long story going back to when he was a boy again it is so long winded! Finally the stories are finished and everyone including we the readers are bought up to date with what Jack, Jeremy, their Grandfather, and Agent McNamee knows concerning this bizarre Season and a certain Female they all have been affected by. The story then becomes one of action and a new journey begins the story itself is so different towards the end its like the author woke from his trance and decided now was the time to shift into a much faster gear alas it was all a little too late as I was just completely hooked by the book and... it ended! Turns out Aiden James also has made this story a Chronicle! Oy... so what exactly is going on in this tale where people will sometimes change and vanish into thin air and where whole areas are transformed into the stuff of dreams and nightmares? Also, it appears the balance of such supernatural events is breaking some of the rules and thus the world could be in danger... so no clue readers but if you are looking for a story that will go on and on and just gets more fascinating and then gives you whiplash by how quick it ends then The Forgotten Eden is indeed for you.

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