Friday, February 1, 2013

Fearless Fourteen A Stephanie Plum Novel Written by: Janet Evanovich

Happy First of the Month book readers. So, yes, I have done it again three Stephanie Plum novels  in a row. And for once I have just what I need while reviewing a book of this craziness. I have a meatball sub, a mini bag of Doritos, and cookies (baked um myself) alas I also have a date with a treadmill after this review. So, this latest book I read well there was something a tad off. There were all the elements for this book a crazy Grandma, Lula being annoying yet lovable as all hell in her skimpy clothes, car dying a horrible death,  lotsa sexual innuendos and tension, dead bodies, nutso FTAS, and blue skin dye...(well maybe that last one isn't usually in the mix, but give the burg gals hair a break) yet this mystery Stephanie was working on just didn't sit right, sure she was playing house and sure maybe Morelli may have fathered a certain computer game playing teenager, but things just felt flat. The plot moved along ok, and there were some really funny movies, but yea just the story felt lazy. I really cannot even begin to say much about this book because it just kind of occurred and again had all the ingredients, but just didn't come out quite right. Also, I grew up in NJ was there really this much nudity? I admit the occasional guy would show up in a man thong to a party or run around the house naked due to the lost of five beer pong games, but the amount of people who whip their intimate bits out in these books is nuts. Why does anyone need to go to a strip club when there are always naked men and scantily clad women? Also, what's with the old wrinkly balls? Ick, I'm a happily married women and though it's hilarious most of the time some of the jokes with the graphic detail well ew! HA, I mean it like totally EW! So this was an ok read it had a lot of craziness to it and I mean A LOT but just fell a tad flat this time it needed some pizzazz, but its been 14 books so maybe Evanovich just needed a mental book.

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