Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Lean Mean Thirteen A Stephanie Plum Novel Written by: Janet Evanovich

Holy stapled nuts, embroidered panties, singed hair, exploding rodents, and orgasmic lipstick batman! How does such a person exist? Stephanie Plum your NJ average kick butt female bounty hunter... ok scratch average and the kick butt... she's lucky just very lucky but in an unlucky way too. How does a person incorporate so much chaos into a few short weeks? Where other fictional books fit chaos into a matter of days and then in theory their fictional characters manage to obtain some form of a break Stephanie's chaotic life goes on 24/7 it seems. Right off the back I knew this was going to be a nutty book after all she's in a new car and there's no mention of her previous car so what the hell happened to it? Best not knowing poor cars don't deserve Stephanie. Stephanie Plum is like the punishment for cars with bad Karma. Also, these books they make you nuts too and hungry! I had to make sure I was nowhere near food when reading this latest book just between the yummy home cooked food and the horrible but delicious junk food I felt myself wishing I had tasty cakes and ding dongs in my cabinets I don't even like those cheap dessert foods! Still our Tasmanian haired devil of a gal has managed to pick up some tricks she actually does a pretty good slight of hand in this book. But, of course for every triumph Stephanie has two steps backwards and Lula ends up having to either be taken to the veterinarian or the hell does Janet Evanovich come up with these nut balls they have to bring in? I have to laugh a little with how much Stephanie loses items in these books as well as current one when she's finally called out about it, I laugh because in my world the real world (so I keep telling myself) I have a gf who loses everything and usually at my place, (So E-Famous are you trying to move in while I'm not looking) so I guess people just do this. There's an interesting running of gags going on in this book and I must admit if I was a man I might find myself turning a tad white over these mishaps  and of course the explosions with fur, and I surely don't want to ever have to deal with the cable company now. The plot continues life goes on and I don't think Stephanie is sure what the heck she wants but I do know what I want... to read the next book what the heck is going to happen to this bounty hunter from NJ and her family and friends?

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