Monday, January 7, 2013

Ghost Story Book 13 in the Dresden Files Written by: Jim Butcher

Cliche but... you know that light at the end of the tunnel? At the end of the last book Dresden finally sees that light he has had rather difficult life and by comparison a very easy death, but it seems death is not actually the end for Harry Copperfield Blackstone Dresden. Ghost Story was a rather interesting book there was a lot packed into this book that occurs only what seems like it is 24hrs, but as usual time is a ticking and Harry needs to solve problems (big monstrous problems) pronto otherwise people will get hurt. (Don't they always though?) The usual cast of characters in this book are well... amped but at the same time it is like they've all been ripped apart and put together via cheap glue. Harry has no choice but to wander around without a body and without magic, but he also needs to figure out who killed him, and he has to thwart an old enemy who has been building up powers for years. Just an average day in Chicago for its only Dead Wizard...or is he? What really got me was the ending of this book it was very "A Wonderful Life" only without the sexism and Happy Ending, and then of course what Jim Butcher pulls out of a hat with his plot twist, but you will have to read in order to find out just what happens. There were a few moments where I felt like Dresden was just repeating himself over and over again to the point where I caught myself screaming at the radio to "Get on with it already!" But, I understand why Jim Butcher drew things out the way he did, granted you had to finish the book before most of this made sense, but still it was frustrating. Another reason I was slightly frustrated was James Marsters due to scheduling conflicts was unable to voice this book which after 13 books really changed the tone of the book. John Glover it seems is a competent reader but his voices were very off for the female cast of characters and quite a bit for the men. It kind of worked since Harry is dead and things are so different, but at times the voices became so similar dialogue was mixed up and people lost their accents or gained them...there were a few proud moments when Glover did capture Harry's real voice, but overall I do not think I could listen to him voice the Dresden files again. He just did an good job, but not nearly the caliber I am used to. This book definetely stood alone in the series since it was so weird and though Harry he was there he really wasn't it is a good spring board and an interesting take, but I really hope Jim Butcher goes back to his usual way of writing and I cannot wait to see where this series is going it just keeps steam rolling ahead and when your Main Character dies well... what next? Just you wait and see!

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