Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Cancelled Written by: Elizabeth Ann West

A love story written from a Males point of view, that is what caught my eye about this book, however it wasn't written by a man merely told from a males point of view as in the main character in this little romance is a gentlemen by name of Johnathan Michaels. Jonathan is a successful 27 business owner and shares his business in robotics with two of his best friends. However, a crazy night with his best friend Eric leaves him rather out of it and with the awkward moment when he realizes he wants his one night stand to just leave. Jonathan comes from a sad background his family was rather messed up and he chose his father and stepmother over his biological mother and in doing so left a few half siblings behind. But, he's a good older brother who set up trust funds for his siblings and did the best he could for them. His father is dead and his stepmother Anna is just as nice can be. Now, the business Jonathan and his two friends built is rather nuts at the moment since they are trying to land a government defense contract and then there's one other slight hiccup that one night stand turns out to be only 20 and pregnant... so now what is he to do? Especially since he's finally seeing the love of his life when this news is brought forward? It isn't an overly unique story, but the voice of Jonathan was refreshing and he seemed rather clueless at times. The story was ok and had some interesting moments but the author brought up some background plot points that seemed like they were going somewhere and just fell flat and did not really help the story move forward. I liked the book do not get me wrong but it wasn't anything overly special to me and most of the characters felt hollow to me.

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