Sunday, January 20, 2013

Too Darn Hot Written by: Pamela Burford

Holland is a very successful Restaurant reviewer. How successful? She can make or break a restaurants staying power in the culinary world with one review. Lin is also very strict in her work ethics and equally serious about her fashion sense and what she presents herself as. She was married and is now divorced living with her best friend Joy who is also divorced. Joy is quite the friend and very perky as well as a tad annoying with how bubbly she is. I love how loyal she is to Lin and pushes her friend to be better and try new things, but her lingo and actions are a bit too predictable and more character rather than coming up genuine. Maybe its just because she's always screaming Jeepers! Still these two are a fun pair and that brings us to the food world. Joy has dragged her BFF to this undiscovered Gem known as the Cookhouse. Right off the bat Lin is not at all impressed especially with the food! There is a very reasonable and sound reason why the Cookhouse seems to be failing to impress this current dinner service but Lin doesn't know or understand that yet. Then the story becomes even more interesting when the owner and Chef enters into the story he's masculine has a smoky honey voice and can cook, need I say more? Eric, he's the owner and father of two teenage boys and very serious about the Cookhouse succeeding. Lin and Eric are introduced and it appears there just may be some chemistry between these two, but is it the right kind? Their interactions throughout this book are just a mess with them just missing what the other is saying constantly. There are some other male interactions that Lin has and one in particular is just amazingly terrible, but in a good way. I love how Pamela Burford wrote such a fun scene I think this was one of my favorites Poor Lin though, but still very hilarious. Back to Eric and Lin though, it becomes rather exhausting with how they just don't get what the other is saying and the conclusions they jump to about the other. How can you even begin a friendship yet alone a possible romance when you're both ready to believe the worst of the other person? The reading was simple enough and flowed I did feel like I was reading about a very dysfunctional beginning to a possible romance. Still, it was a decently happy story and I won't spoil anything for you about Eric and Lin, but boy do they need to learn how to listen better. A cute read this one.

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