Monday, January 14, 2013

TYMURS: The 1982 Tylenold Murders Written by: Scott Bartz

Hello faithful review readers. Hope the world isn't getting you too down today what with continents bursting into flames, civil wars, debt ceilings, women's rights, toxic air, school shootings, poverty, oh heck just a lot of crazy stuff going on in the world. I open with this morbid talk because I recently downloaded a book thinking it was fiction, only to learn nope! Turns out in the Fall of 1982 in America there was a crisis that has left 7 people dead possibly more, but there's no way to say and the murders remained unsolved. I grew up always having my medicine have a plastic/foil seal that you have to pull off and a cotton ball inside a real pain in the neck sometimes especially when you are sick. Well, I am very glad being a baby born after these murders that we do have them. Prior the Tylenol Murders in 1982 the bottles did not have these tamper proof checks. This book just horrified me with how anyone would just blindly fill what is supposed to make us feel better and treat our medical symptoms with something as deadly as Cyanide I actually had to look up this story in several searches just to make sure this book wasn't pulling my leg. I know there are sick and twisted people out there who go on killing sprees but this was just somehow colder more distant.. calculating. The book opens talking about Johnson and Johnson (The people who own Tylenol aka J&J) and then shows us how from the beginning this gruesome mystery was doomed to be solved. The book itself is very articulate and gives us a lot of data to process. There is a tone the author takes which makes you think he is not being biased which with how he presents the facts is very understandable. If even a third of what this author writes concerning the Tylenol Murder Investigation is true then a great error in solving crime was definitely committed in 1982 by both the FDA, local authorities, and J&J. The chilling part is if some bizarre coincidence hadn't occurred with one family the Januses who knows how many people would have been poisoned, or how many possibly were and never reported? Just how long would these deaths had gone on before anyone had noticed? It is simply bone chilling. I could write a mini book on all of the data that doesn't add up to what J&J presented to the public and how they took the lead on their investigation. I am amazed at how well Tylenol has bounced back from this 1982 crisis I grew up taking Tylenol and it is still always my go to for colds, headaches, and aches in general so clearly they knew how to survive this PR nightmare and turned it around in less than a year. The book is just out of this world scary in the data and the way the author presents it. I will admit sometimes the author becomes very repetitive and tells us the same information over and over, but it somehow works for the book and really keeps slamming you with the fact someone or some people in 1982 put Cyanide in Tylenol Capsules at random and simply let the cards fall however chance and fate decided.

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