Monday, January 28, 2013

Twelve Sharp A Stephanie Plum novel Written by: Janet Evanovich

Stephanie, Stephanie, Stephanie... well this book had a lot of big surprises... let's see leather thongs, new owners, did I say leather, an explosion, and a whole heck of the usual. It has been a few months since I have had the the pleasure of reading a Janet Evanovich novel and I do mean pleasure I cannot grasp how Evanovich manages to write about such serious matters and keep me laughing big full belly laughs. In this recent book we learn there's Dark Ranger and then there's Darker Ranger and clearly Darker ranger is going off the deep end. Talk about crazy huh? Stephanie is actually doing ok as far as a bounty hunter goes she's no Batman, but she's doing pretty spiffy even manages to get a few FTA's some help before she turns them over... very sweet. Of course she also ends up getting Tank (the poor guy doesn't stand a chance) hurt again. But, she ends up with some really fun "toys" granted she's buying them at gun point each time, but c'mon toys are toys right? Now on a serious note Leather, dog collars, and platforms... well these are usually fun in books, but this time it's just plain nuts absolutely the gang is all here and again we get more than a peek into how nuts Stephanie's life really is. There's a big story going on here too... a little girl is kidnapped she's in trouble and time is moving very fast and no one can seem to find her to even begin to help her, and so Stephanie is now bait for said kidnapper. Plus Ranger and Joe Morelli are making Stephanie's libido and life as usual very messy. Warning as usual if you have any form of junk food in your house... get rid of it! We all cannot possibly eat like Stephanie and hope to keep our figures, and if you don't have junk food prepare for disappointment because carrot sticks just don't do it for you when you read what this NJ bounty hunter eats. A really fast paced book and just makes you laugh at how ridiculous this all is.

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