Saturday, January 26, 2013

Ever After Book The Hollows Book 11: Written by Kim Harrison

Hello fellow book readers, my talk about a head spin! After having recently listened to a much earlier Rachel Morgan book this book just threw me right back into the cold reality that is now. Still I was giddy to begin the latest Hallows book. So, recent book to begin. I was instantly pulled back into the world of Rachel Morgan after all how can you ignore an opening when our main character is all gussied up. Rachel dressed up never equals an evening of ease and luxury. My heart did flutter quite a few times during this book and then it would sink like a stone... after all what chance and what hope does a single Witch and newly minted day walking practitioner of certain arts stand a chance when the ever after is shrinking and if it goes so does the world of magic. Another issue about this ever after leak... Rachel caused it, and now if she cannot pull something out of her little bag of tricks she is dead, and surely if that wasn't hard enough people she loves are in all kinds of danger and Ku'Sox Sha-Ku're has vowed to destroy her... (Again) and it seems all she holds dear. She has to protect everyone, but who will protect her?  A partnership also comes into play again with perhaps a little more trust? Their partnership is just a Tidal wave joining up with a hurricane...they can do just enough on their own but together they're are quite a force to be reckoned with. However, unlike these weapons of nature Trent and Rachel have to deal with betrayals of old and matters of their own hearts. I kept having to have a mantra in my head as this book continued. "Get through this and then take a moment to let it sink in, and then break." My emotions were just flipping left and right during this book, but I was keeping them under lock and key. Kim Harrison really broke out a lot of plot points and made references to older books and brought quite a few old and some new characters into the fold. There was still that bit of turbulent comedy we've come to recognize. I really don't know how Vampric Charms can get any work done with how silly this group of misfits around but somehow it has and still works, but for how long? There's a lot going on in this book people kept coming in and out of this story... Then there was a moment in the end during a particular fight where the demons just become weird...I felt like I was watching a trial in Wonderland it was so bizarre, and yet fitting.  Then wait for it readers... the ending oh the ending not only did Kim Harrison rip my heart out and a few of her characters, but then she tries to inflate it and gets us almost there and goes... well I won't tell you but read! Sigh, I love how her plot developed, I loved how the characters are continuing to change and grow, but ugh! Where else do we go!? I will follow you Kim Harrison, but my gosh... you really have some explaining to do and let's see how you bring this forward.

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