Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Stained Written by: Ella James

When am I going to learn? When will I!? So, book bub great site sends me daily free books to DL this book the Stained looked interesting it was listed under young adults/best sellers the plot I've read several times before, but I thought well what the heck let's see what's in today with the youth besides the usual vampires, werewolves, demons, and ghosts... well turns out Half demons or Nephilim are half demons and always male, in this case Cayne yes drop dead gorgeous with not quite blonde not quite brown hair of course it artfully falls around his face and he has piercing green eyes... and then you have Julia 17 years old almost an adult she's "human" or humanish I won't spoil you with what makes her "ish" because it just kinda pops out of nowhere with this book. The whole book is totally young adult from the description of the characters, their clothes, and of course the fight scenes. The fight scenes are so he's thrown across the room, he jumped up, he was there... just very See Spot run. Okay maybe not that bad, but it was descriptive without being mature in its descriptions amateurish really. Which, since the character is only 17 and it is a young adult book dealing with half demons and the "Stained" not exactly expecting high caliber writing here. The mystery and flow of the story did keep me interested though of course there's a romance blooming. C'mon! That's just how these books go! For some actual plot mention let's make it simple Girl's family is killed, girl runs into the night, girl is homeless, girl is being stalked, girl almost gets killed, and enter the drool inducing hottie who saves girl, and GO! The main character is actually likable Julia is understandably the way she is and who can blame her for falling for Mr. Tall, dark, and handsome? The big problem I had with this story was towards the end of this book it seemed like the author was trying to build up a relationship rather than further a plot and made the relationship the focal point instead of all the other work she had put into this mystery about Julia and Cayne and their little quest across America. The whole relationship building could've been shortened it was really like I was reading a teenagers Diary. All Cayne Loves Julia, Julia Loves Cayne :circle names in hearts:. Then the end of the book happens and you go wait that's it!? Wait no, no, no! What next!? What is she? What the hell just happened?! So that's where I am going what next!? The book description didn't mention this was a series! Turns out it is...le sigh. So will I read book 2? Probably will I am itching to know what the heck happens, but seeing as there are four more books I don't know what this author is going to do to keep me interested so we shall see. Indeed we shall see...

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