Thursday, February 28, 2013

Sizzling Sixteen A Stephanie Plum Novel Written by: Janet Evanovich

I’m going to be in the state of NJ next week, and I have to ask myself will I see as many crazy people as in the Stephanie Plum Novels? I mean my friends and the few family I have contact with are semi nuts, but I don’t see them as that nuts  I’ll be in the Newark area for a bit so I’ll have to keep my eyes peeled LOL. Seriously though, in this recent book Janet has turned up the heat with how insane and dangerous the world of Stephanie Plum is. There’s doughnuts, fried chicken, handcuffs, and sexual tension everywhere! I mean everywhere! The only thing thicker than the hormones are Connie’s stink bombs, and from what I read they are just gross! I wonder how badass a bounty hunter Connie would be… she’s certainly got a devil streak in her granted it might be she’s related to the Mob. There is a bit of bloodshed in this recent book, but for the serious matter of Vinnie being kidnapped and his very life threatened there’s just that much equal and then some comedic moments. The bond business has become very dangerous for everyone involved at Vincent Plum’s office and millions of dollars as well as everyone’s health is at stake. As I have been saying the whole Ranger, Morelli, Stephanie love Triangle is just frustrating! Especially since a certain man has confessed he loves a certain curly haired Hungarian/Italian bounty hunter. I really had a lot of laugh out loud moments during this book especially when Janet gives us this moment: “This was pretty weird, because we’re not necessarily gigglers, but men spit and scratch their nuts and do high-five hand slaps when they get away with stupid shit …and women giggle.” So, yes I giggled a lot during this book, and after everything that went down if that wasn't ridiculous enough throw in a ton of hobbits, women's panties, and Orcs...ugh! A fun read, but again where can this series go!? Especially after this book. 

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