Friday, February 8, 2013

Secrets (The Guardian Trilogy) Written by: Liz Schulte

Olivia Martin is a young talented photographer and she does not take bullshit. She believes Hypocrisy is the fuel of life, and she watches everyone and everything both with a camera and with her own eyes. She is the type of person who likes to figure out all the angles in people. Then there's her BFF Juliet who is the type of woman who needs to be seen, loved, and manages to con men into buying her fifteen dollar drinks without giving them any form of commitment. They are each others ying and yang and have been best buddies for sixteen years and friendship like that is rare. Both are single at the moment and where Jules is looking for love Liv is just enjoying taking it all in even though she has been sensing darkness from the shadows around her. Then a moment, again a single chance in time that can change it all... and enters into her life the gorgeous, tall, and green eyed Holden. He's a mystery, cold, distant. Liv cannot get him out her heart, mind, and oddly dreams after only only a single moment. Her heart and mind seem to be lost to love now, and Holden it seems isn't fairing much better, but perhaps a simple snap of a neck can fix his problem. Liv is noticing another man who has also entered her life and discovers there is a lot in the world she is unfamiliar with and then people she knows begin to die... can the life she has built survive can she survive, and will she ever be able to find love? This book was pretty interesting there were a few times I was just frustrated with the circumstances there was a real catch 22 in this book. I absolutely fell into this book it was a new take on some very old ideas and the way the story progressed was not boring. Liv the character I can completely relate too in so many ways I even cried a few times during this book and was rooting for Olivia and her kick ass take no bullshit persona. The ending will probably crush your hearts a little so it may be best to have something to remind you there is some good in the world.

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