Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Kicking It All New Tales of Murder, Magic, and Manolos Stories Written by: Rachel Caine, Chloe Neill, RobThurman and more...

Why hello there fellow book readers, my what a crazy time life can be eh? I must say I love shoes, love the fact that depending upon ones footwear ones entire persona can be changed and even enhanced, am I the only one here who feels this way? Now, pair an awesome kick ass pair of boots add them with an equally kick-ass soundtrack and book... And oh my, are we not ready to curl up kick some serious booty? The best part readers? You will not have to scruff up your perfect boots because you can just read the awesome adventure... so why are all my shoes scuffed and leather boots always in need of repair? Ha, okay so I was gifted with this latest book I read, and to receive this gift from this person was such a surprise and then to have so much fun reading said book was even more of a treat! So, I was not just rambling on about boots for nothing I assure you. It seems the general theme in all of these short stories was well... boots! Kick ass boots, witches, detectives, gods, magic, vampires, gargoyles, angels, pecs, curses....what more could a girl ask for? Nine amazing stories with nine amazingly kick ass heroines each tale similar and yet wholly different in such special ways. Seriously readers, if you are looking to just pick up a book of short stories and do not mind not understanding the universe that each tale is based in or the characters then this is so your book. I am tempted to pick up a couple, few, all of these series to give them a better chance. Each author had their own voice and distinct tale to tell. I will just list each tale and their author and not give anything away since each tale is short enough that me saying anything might give away the tale!
Rachel Caine: Forked tongues
Shannon K. Butcher: Stolen Goods
Chris Marie Green: The Girl with No Name
Faith Hunter: The Devil's Left Boot
Chloe Neill: High Stakes:
Lucienne Diver: The Parlor
Christina Henry: Red Isn't really my color
Rob Thurman: Snakeskin
Kalayna Price: Ruby Red

So, if you want to read 349 pages of awesome kick butt heroines then readers this is so the book for you. Granted, I have a feeling there are a few spoilers here, but I think that should be fine.

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