Sunday, February 2, 2014

Tricked Iron Druid Chronicles Book 4 Written by: Kevin Hearne

Why allo should always keep your word right? No matter what? After all, it's terrible to be an oath breaker....but, what if keeping your promise and being a person of your word could end the entire world...and not just this one, but all worlds? Well, Mr. Druid Atticus O'Sullivan hasn't stayed alive for over two millennia to not have gained some Celtic tricks. So, now we have a fair bit of Thunder Gods looking for some payback, and Atticus has to come up with a plan to avoid some perhaps deserved vengeance? Then again Atticus has been alive long enough to make some well note worthy acquaintances and friends with whom he can pull off a perfect prank that may save Atticus a bit of problem. Coyote a Navajo trickster God let's the would be killers of Atticus think they've chopped up our favorite Iron Druid's body in the Arizona Desert. Now Atticus has been warned before about certain deals and decision's he's made and this deal is no different...Coyote is not above a little sleight of paw, and soon Atticus realizes he might just have drawn the short end of the deal again. What can be shorter than having everyone believe you're dead? If that's the good part of the deal...well what's the worse part? What's left of the ol' gang is all here readers, but there's some definite crazy bad mojo going on here. I definitely think Oberon stole the show here too, this dog just causes me to laugh out loud all the time, and yet he can bring me to true emotional tears, he's a Druid's best friend. I don't know if Hearne is aware that Luke Daniel's is reading these books, but the voices he's given Oberon is just pure magic and has me wishing there was just a book about this dog, he's that amusing and insightful. Atticus too, still has my heart, but the mistakes he made in the last book simply because he felt he "had" to keep his word seems quite weak now looking at the outcome of his decisions to help a certain Vampire. Okay, I know you're probably thinking but "You as the reader have hindsite." Um, if you read the previous book you'll see Mr. O'Sullivan knew what was on the line. Plus, Atticus also has a pupil to train, and with him being the last Druid you would think that might carry a bit more weight considering being a Druid carries a weighty responsibility? Oh boy is there some sexual tension there and the way Hearne has Atticus deal with this little bit of tension is absolutely hilarious. Granuaile, let's talk about her for a moment eh? I cannot decide if I fully trust or like her, she's nice, witty, beautiful, smart, but I don't know readers. Maybe it's because I think she's a bit to gun ho to believe Magic will trump everything? That her teacher is invincible? I don't know, something is just off. Maybe it's because she's adjusted so fast? For a guy over two thousand years old this Druid can be quite immature and naive...poor guy. I had to listen to this book a few times to really get a feel for it. The ingredients were all here (yes I've used this cooking metaphor in other reviews, but c'mon it's a good one!) but, at times the story itself felt a little slow and then rushed and then like Hearne had to fit certain events and characters in the book, but upon listening a second and third time I began to catch what was going on in between the lines and fall in love with this book too. This is definitely a plot set up book, sure a lot happened here and sure a lot of good and bad events occurred and yup a few more people had to die, but this was definite to be continued kind of tale. The world and stories of Coyote's people are pretty awesome, I love all the world culture, religions, and icons these books bring to the story and how each world overlaps one another. Plus throw in all the pop culture allusions and BAM! Bon-apetite! I absolutely enjoyed this book and really can't wait to see how Atticus will continue on his quest.

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