Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Trapped Book 5 Iron Druid Chronicles Written by: Kevin Hearne

Oy, have you ever read a book or listen to a book readers, and it’s all rush, rush, rush, aaaaaaaand…The End? Most recently I’ve experienced this with the latest Hobbit movie…I admit I enjoyed the first one immensely and I even enjoyed this second one, but it felt like there was so much rushing around and nothing happened…I mean things happened, but really we could’ve put a bit of this in the first movie and the upcoming third movie and it would’ve been just fine…that being said in this latest Iron Druid book I felt like there was a lot going on a lot of running around aaaaaand The end! I absolutely enjoyed this book, but it was just frustrating how it ended like we had begun an entirely different book! This series is really heating up, or perhaps boiling over at this point? It’s only book five! But, the author did something very creative something I never actually see occur in books of today’s long series. Time passes, and not a small amount of time either. Twelve years! Yup, twelve years has passed for Atticus O’Sullivan which in his long life isn't exactly a long time, but to those of us whom were still in their teens 12 years ago, twelve comes off as a fair amount of time. So, for twelve years in secret Atticus has been training his apprentice Granuaile and is now ready to bind her to the earth and have her be the first new Druid in over a thousand years! Of course something most go wrong, Atticus opened up Pandora’s box twelve years ago (No not really, but it’s a good comparison here especially since he pissed off enough pantheons) and some of those issues Atticus created need to be made up for, which seems pretty impossible… So having no other choice, Atticus, his trusted Irish wolfhound, Oberon, and Granuaile will have to travel to different planes of existence, deal with multiple pantheons with Gods and Goddesses all itching to get a bit of revenge, and go to the base of Mount Olympus eventually. And, readers let’s not forget in a few books Atticus our favorite Iron Druid decided to tell a few lies in order to save his own skin and those lies are definitely coming back to bite him in that oh so cute behind of his. Bacchus, a vampire, a band of dark elves, an old god of mischief, and a few other characters are all calling for Atticus’s blood and the end of his existence. I am beginning to wonder just how wise Atticus really is reader or how on Earth he actually managed to survive this long, as I listened to Luke Daniels narrate this book in his melodious cadence I before Atticus the character began catching onto how deep in the mud he was before he did… even Oberon seems to catch on quicker than Atticus. I love this character because he is so flawed and delightfully awkward. This book has it all, love, loss, sex, battles, hand to hand combat, ancient lore, comedy, tragedy, vengeance, and a whole lot of conspiracies and action. Hearne’s writing just flows in his tales bridging the world of today with the worlds of yesterdays and millennium ago. I mean who out of all of us hasn't just had to crack a joke or reference something from pop culture to get through a stressful event? Somehow instead of being utterly ridiculous Hearne manages to just sync the graceful with the hilarious. With how this book ended I cannot possibly stop following this series I am fully invested in just what is going to happen to Atticus, Oberon, Granuaile (whom we learn a lot more about and get a better sense of just who she is) the various Pantheons and the world….is Ragnarok going to happen? How can it happen when most of the Aesir who are supposed to be involved in it are dead? Also..where in the old prophecies did it say “Automatic weapons would aid in the destruction of the World tree and all its connecting dimensions?” Hearne has created quite the jumble of chaos…I can’t wait to see what happens!

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