Monday, February 10, 2014

Apart from Love Written by: Uvi Poznansky

Why hello there readers, phew been a few days, but I finally managed to read and finish a book…particularly this book. I usually don’t say this, but reading this book was quite the chore. I have been reading this book since early December, but I had such a tough time getting into it, that can happen from time to time, like a piece of clothing you buy that you think is right for you, but after several times trying to wear it, the article of clothing just doesn’t feel right or fit you. Well, this book was highly recommended by Book Bub and had wonderful reviews, and I suppose since it’s almost Valentine’s day that a tale of love for this week works out timing wise… so the plot of this book is told by two characters Ben who is a twenty seven year old ex student whom is trying to find something perhaps a place in this world? Then we have Anita 26 years old, a plain spoken (Painfully plain spoken her dialogue and how it is written gave me chills from how raw and poor it was), uneducated, spunky in spirit, and recently married to Lenny, Ben’s, aging father. Lenny is an odd character a once devoted husband and father he at some point becomes a tom cat and skirt chaser… and not just any skirts but young women….more like teenagers. But, Lenny is lost torn between his past, present life, and future. Now, the synopsis claims the two narrators find themselves drawn together trying to fight perhaps…love? However, Lenny is also fighting to keep a secret from both Ben and Anita… which goes back quite a few years and has affected each character at some point in their lives and is still affecting them. It sounded like quite the interesting book, the taboo where father fights son for a ladies hand and affection, alpha vs. omega, but I was rather disappointed. The story itself is very disjointed and the time frame is all screwed up causing me to go back a few pages every now and then or flip through pages to figure out if I had missed something? Maybe I had fallen asleep, and somehow kept reading? But, no, that was just the way the book was written, also it felt like the author didn’t know what kind of voice she wanted to give her male characters at times they came across more like petulant children and then they were lost poets who spout about music and love… it was just odd. This book also felt grubby, as if I really were peaking into the private affairs of people, and though that was kind of cool it made me feel like a peeping tom. There’s a lot here too that just didn’t jive quite right as if it was a collaboration of many pieces of a tale that didn’t equal one full story, but it seems readers that this was actually done intentionally. Now, I’ve seen other books written similarly to this book, particularly for this purpose, but where I’ve seen it done successfully in the past this book just came off as poorly written and jumbled. There’s some very interesting concepts, but mostly I was not impressed. This book felt more like a first or second draft, but a final draft that was published? Not quite… perhaps others would love and fall into this book but I just couldn’t get into this tale.

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