Tuesday, February 18, 2014

She's Gotta Be Mine A Cottonmouth Novel Book 1Written by: Jennifer Skully

Why hello there readers, okay, I needed a fun book, a let’s not think too hard book, but I didn’t feel like reading an erotic tale, at least not the kind I’ve been reading…so what’s a gal to do? Well, I read the description of this book and knew this was going to be a hilarious read, even though it’s a tad dark. Roberta Jones Spivey has just been…dumped? Yes, that’s it dumped, her husband has dumped her for his high school sweetheart that he hasn’t seen in twenty years. And, Roberta is not going to lay down and just except this. Instead, Roberta decided she’s going to reinvent herself and becomes Bobbie Jones with a new haircut and dye job, new name, new attitude; Bobbie Jones is now equipped to follow her soon to be ex to the small northern California town of Cottonmouth. Now readers, what could possibly be a better way to show the man you’ve been married to for fifteen plus years what he’s missing then by finding the sexiest and dangerous local guy and make him swoon. Of course said local bad boy is also reputed with being a serial killer and you’ve moved in right across the street from him… But, Nick Angel is devilishly handsome and oh so sexy, basically readers he’s perfect, oh and he’s an artist…. Who can resist the tall dark, handsome, brooding artist who also does yard work? It seems it is all going exactly to plan too readers, Bobbie is just a delight, she gave up her life of luxury and high figured job to just let go and be…granted she’s on a mission but, she seems like she’s enjoying herself a lot more at least. There’s some great comedic moments in this tale that had me laughing out loud quite a few times and shaking my head at Bobbie’s, Nick’s and the town’s antics… I especially loved Bobbie making two statements that I just have to share. “Only a confident, self assured woman would dress up in a skimpy cocktail dress and ask for a table for one. And that same woman would buy birth control without embarrassment, because it was her God-given right as a woman.” Lady needs to pump herself up and gives herself a few pep talks that are very I am woman roar! And then there’s the statement that just made me love this book, “Nobody is an accountant, it’s just a profession.” This readers, makes me so happy, I’m in the finance field and went to college (only thing work would pay for) for accounting, and honestly I may have a bankers lamp, but there’s no way in hell I’m my profession. I hate when people assume being in this field you’re automatically a certain way, nope so… yay Bobbie for saying that! Right, everything is going to plan readers, there’s a bit of flirting, a bit of revenge, a lot of tight clothing, and a whole lot of sexual tension, but then… well a real murder rocks the town of Cottonmouth, and of course Nick didn’t do it, did he? An absolute curl up and laugh kind of book with quite a few steamy and romantic scenes. Absolutely adored this book.

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