Thursday, February 13, 2014

Friend Zone I: A Wild Night's Encounter C.J. McLane

Why hello there fellow readers, I hope you're all ready for more snow here in America, the Olympics in Sochi, and of course valentine's day, which single or not can prove to be quite the interesting event. So much going on and I decided I needed a light read. So I picked up this little novella... and well it is certainly something. Beautiful, smart, and young, Laila is dragged to a frat party by her friend whom I'd determined to get laid. Laila just wants to go home and curl up with a good book and just relax. So, her plan is to just sit back and enjoy a few beers an orgy? Seems that even Laila isn't immune to the heated atmosphere of this particular party, and so she has decided to partake in the festivities as privately as possible, but it seems she isn't quite careful enough. Eric, a daredevil who is extremely handsome opens the party up with a big stunt and is clearly bored with his current life, but is a major flirt who sees Laila and just can't resit her, but from what was hot and steamy quickly turns embarrassing. Upon catching Laila in her very compromising position Eric has a proposition for Laila. This was an okay read, nothing entirely special about it, the scenes that were mean to be erotic and steamy kinda came off as creepy and quite invasive especially when it came to people filming other people..not exactly what previous generations had to worry about when they let their hormones run wild. 

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