Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Moonlight Mile Written by: Dennis Lehane

Why hello readers, only one more day until Turkey and I am counting down the hours, I love Turkey absolutely loooove it (at least I do until I eat way too much of it every Thanksgiving)…and it’s the one Holiday I’m never traveling somewhere for, my family comes to me and It’s awesome. It seems readers I randomly stumbled into a sequel, and into an acclaimed authors world. I had the pleasure of listening to Moonlight Mile written by Dennis Lehane. What a setting this author creates I found myself walking down the streets of my town the darkness falling early so I try to walk in the light but in my area there are always shadows, and having this book inside of my head really added some extra ambiance to my experience especially in the windy cold and rain. I admit I really didn’t recognize the name and it wasn’t until after that I realized this was the sequel to Gone, Baby, Gone… oh boy, or that this author wrote Mystic River, The Given Day, or Shutter Island…which I’ve read none of these, but I’ve seen Shutter Island and thought hm..that looks like a book I’d like to read. Okay, so this book…wowza what a fun book…okay if the underbelly and depressing truth about Boston and its suburbs is fun, but in a way Lehane made it so. I was introduced to Patrick Kenzie and Angela Gennaro this is quite the suspenseful book and is an explosive story of vengeance and redemption. Years ago Patrick and Angela turned over a little girl to a highly neglectful mother and quite the depressing environment even though they knew they were returning her to a bad home they did their job. Now though Amanda McCready 16 years old is missing. Patrick and Angela have to work together and put aside old issues and focus on the now and hopefully they won’t have to make another rough decision concerning Amanda’s future and life. The main character and voice of the book Patrick, you just felt for this guy and really like him readers, the guy is savy and a bit slick, and clearly is good at what he does, but he's in a young mans game, and it seems Patrick though good isn't quite so young anymore. I really liked Angela too she's oh so sexy and yet oh so down to earth she can be the bad girl or the computer genius a deadly combination. I loved this book readers! It takes place in my backyard and I go to quite a few of the areas mentioned in this book and the writing was just so real so crisp and sure brings a lot of the city that I loves underbelly into play. It’s also a tale that deals with the problem with the black and white world there’s a whole lot of gray in the world and sometimes doing the right thing isn’t doing the right thing. No one I know lives in a perfectly happy world readers, there’s always something there to remind you that the World has a very dark side a very scary side and it can invade your world no matter how well you live or how good you behave. But, this book also shows that sometimes you can wade into the gray of things and still sleep just fine at night afterwards, because you did do the right thing, maybe on black and white paper it wouldn’t look it, but in your heart you knew it was your only choice. This audio book was voiced by Jonathan Davis and I admit I was put off a little bit by this voice actor, his voice itself was awesome, but his accents were all over the place I mean just all over and sometimes he lost which character he was and had to slip back into the voice he was doing. The slip ups in voice acting didn’t take away from the writing or the story the book was just fabulous and I definitely didn’t see a lot of what was coming in the plot even at the very end this author held just the right amount of mystery in his hands and unleashed it in an electrifying ending that fizzles out with a grace I could really appreciate. I may just have to read those other books I spoke of earlier. Oh also readers forgive me this book takes place right before Christmas, I know! It’s not quite Turkey time, but…I didn’t know! Still Thanksgiving comes into play too so perhaps it was just the right book to make you truly appreciate what you have and could lose.

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