Tuesday, November 26, 2013

More Than Friends Written by: Aria Grace

Hello readers, well let's jump right in shall we? We find ourselves viewing Ryan Edwards life he has recently become a free man as in no longer attached. Ryan had been until recently in a four year committed relationship, but after three years of trying to juggle a long distance relationship, school and work, it just didn't work out. Now, Paul...Ryan's co-worker who is quite the horn dog is trying to get Ryan back into the dating game or at least the casual hook up game. Ryan is ready to get out of this single funk, more than ready, but he's just not interested in other girls it seems. So one night Ryan thinks perhaps he just might have found a girl to get out of this single funk, but Drea though quite attractive just isn't doing it for him and somehow Ryan finds himself more interested in Zach, Drea's cousin. Drea's Gay cousin as Ryan later learns. Ryan isn't gay, but he is drawn to Zach and finds himself wanting to spend more time with Zach and maybe just maybe something is there? What is Ryan to do? A very hot and exploitative read my fellow readers and oh so sweet. I very much enjoyed this book and you might just find yourself becoming a bit hot and bothered about these romantic and oh so graphic moments.

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