Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Passage Written by: Justin Cronin

It's that time again readers, the time when the Earth begins to sleep, well at least those areas that are subject to such seasons, still for my region this works. We have our safety from the darkness we have our lights, our walls, our heat, our modern creations against most illness and can hold back death for so much longer now when a 100 years ago many of us would likely perish. But, what happens when the lights don't protect us? When we are no longer safe from the dark? What happens when someone decides...yes.. I can do this because I can. I just had the pleasure of listening to The Passage written by Justin Cronin, and what a listen readers! The narrators of this book were Scott Brick, Adenrele Ojo, and Abby Craden top notch indeed. They really brought this story to me and kept me glued to my headphones for days straight. This book was lacking absolutely nada it was just so packed with detail and story after gripping story. This readers is a book about a catastrophe and then survival. This is a story about a girl...but isn't it always? Before she was a 1,000 years old she was just a little girl she was just Amy.. of course there was a middle name and even last name, but as time goes on no one remembers these or wants them to be remembered. Amy is a six year old girl abandoned by her mother, but there's a story there too readers and it's so sad and sadly so common. The story jumps in the beginning readers so much that I wasn't quite sure what I was listening to or where this was going, but right off the bat my heart was pumping and preparing for me to run to follow these characters in this terrifying tale. The world is just so normal it's a bit more in the future, but still we can all totally relate to this world Cronin is introducing us to. It's amazing how out of love true horror can be born from good intentions... the road to hell is paved with good intentions and all that. There is something very shady going on and some shadowy figures are looking to bring Amy to them to be part of a very special experiment. She's nobody so what does it matter? And, what does it matter that you feel that tickling in your throat that feverish chill and pain in your stomach? What does it matter, cause after all you're not sick you're absolutely fine right? This experiment this program brings upon the apocalypse and even though a Special Agent Brad Wolgast tries to save Amy, well...things don't work out the way we think they will. Ofcourse the end of the world as we know it occurs, wouldn't be much of a plot if that didn't happen. This book was like two or three in one... and how quickly society falls apart how quickly we forget... we just want to survive to live... but it seems like in that survival in that forgetfulness we are always forced to live it again. Even with a little piece of salvation how quickly we turn on our own and are ready for more blood shed when there are so few to spill it.  The odd thing is readers it seems like for all the horror man has created there's some invisible force something that is left behind to help humanity to help the world, but why? Who or what is helping these people? I use help veeeeery loosely cause this cast of characters have no picnic whatsoever if there's a moment of happiness readers just gets worse.  Amy is forced to walk alone across the world across time, and as a little girl she is burdened with a terrible knowledge that only she has the power to save the ruined world. There are several narrative voices throughout this story, and each of them were just so normal. I won't spoil this book for you it's a fabulous end of the world story and there's so many layers you won't be bored.... you might want to stay in the sun, have a blade, a gun, and pray the sickness doesn't come to you.

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