Friday, November 1, 2013

It's Not Enough (The Clover Leaf Café, Book 1) Written by Melissa F. Hart

Well, keeping with the sign of Scorpio readers let’s start this fall month off with a little saucy read… The one night stand, no strings, the successful business person who uses everyone to satisfy their carnal appetites, but that’s okay because people expect that of them, and sometimes you just need to itch that scratch. Who hasn’t at one point or another just wanted to be wanted and to have their desires met and then go on with their merry lives? Some may say that cheapens sex and the act of it, but that’s some people for others it’s just what you need sometimes. Jeff Masterson is such a man he’s a very blessed man indeed extremely successful, extremely handsome, and extremely good in bed. Jeff is a man who has a reputation for never taking the same woman to his bed twice, and still women go to him. That is except for Lisa Smith a local waitress in the town Jeff lives whom never flirts with Jeff if anything she appears to be hostile towards his teasing and flirtation nature. Lisa is leggy, intelligent, sassy, and oh so sexy, and until recently she had a steady relationship, but now that’s all over. Lisa is feeling less than herself and rejected and then she thinks she knows just what can help her feel better to make her feel desirable. Lisa has decided a one night stand with no strings is exactly what she needs what she need is Jeff. There’s more to this story than just good non emotionally messy sex readers. This tale has some deeper issues below the surface that both characters portray, of course the erotic scenes are quite enjoyable, but the fact these two are actually real people and not quite so fantasy and otherworldly makes it just a bit more raw and interesting. So, what’s going to happen with the one stand be enough? Or, are these two very normal people going to have to face what a lot of people have to face? Feelings.

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