Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Lure of the Moon, Book 1 of the Scripter Trilogy Written by: Melinda Clark & Nicole Gull

Hello Readers, my, my, Halloween is here and most of us are donning masks, makeup, and costumed garments to become for one night and day someone else. It is a day/night when we can become whomever we want to trick those around us and do what we might not otherwise do, or just have a damn good time tricking, scaring, and partying…be it with family, friends, or strangers. Now, imagine if you actually had the ability to re-write your life, that what you imagined could actually become reality? We are introduced to Ava Baker, and the first few pages in this book readers are the real set up for this book…the story tells us it is going to be action packed and tragedy is coming….but then it’s all normal that big boom of a beginning is swept aside. Ava Baker after having uncovered and writing in a three thousand year old book travels into what she believes is a very vivid dream born of her imagination. Ava has always loved writing it is her escape from a not too happy childhood no fault of her grandparents, mother, or aunt, but this poor girl seems to just attract tragedy. The first time she writes in this book Ava is transported to a different place and she is just drawn to it and to a sexy young man named Collin whom she also believes is just in her imagination. Collin is drawn to Ava too and their mutual affection it seems has them bound to one another and draws them to one another time and time again…and this connection is something more than either one can explain. The book itself seems fairly normal Ava is going off to college she’s living with her best friend and her other best buddy lives down the hall and they talk about the normal stuff girls their age do, and they do things normal girls their age do, but there’s also something a bit off with Ava and her world. Then Collin divulges secrets to Ava that her family should have shared with her, and by them not doing so could possibly have put Ava into greater danger. Is this all real readers? Or, has Ava snapped? Is she crazy like her mother was? The book itself holds a lot of promise this is an interesting topic, but sadly the whole Collin and Ava relationship was just reaaaaaaaaly over played. I know readers when you love someone they become your world and that’s all that matters and you just want to shout it to the world…especially when in Ava’s situation she really can’t so of course her love and emotions will be the focal point we’re subjected to, but c’mon we’ve got thousands of years of history, secrets, missing people, crashing friendships, Secret warring societies, and a whole new world that is Ava’s birthright… and yet it’s mostly Siiiiigh Collin :Insert Big dreamy eyes battering eyelashes look: I wish the book would have focused a little bit more on plot and a little less on the magic that is Collin. But, what plot we were given was entertaining, though there was something lacking in this story there was so much potential and so much mystery I think the authors for fear of given away the big secret held just a little too much back. Still, I’m interested and do wonder what will happen to Ava and what exactly her family’s deal is. A world where two sects control almost everything and possibly history itself? Sure, what’s not to be interested in?

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