Monday, October 7, 2013

The Green Ticket Written by: Samantha March

Hi! October, October, October! Yes! I love October, why? Well, it's fall and Halloween season,'s also so pretty. Halloween brings about a lot of changes in this recent book granted it's only one night in the book but it's an important one. College junior Alex Abrams has scored what she believes is her dream job and she's only twenty! It is a real life adult job with a 401k, health benefits, and paid sick and vacation wowzer. Alex is going to be the new manager of the very sophisticated spa Blissful. Alex is so excited to be manager but with the big grown up job comes a demanding and kind of sleazy boss Kevin Dohlman. This boss is quickly becoming Alex's worse nightmare...she's covering up his affairs, dealing with his enormous ego, and trying to protect the female employees. To make matters worse Kevin's wife Dani is a great lady and becoming a good friend to Alex, and soon Kevin begins paying Alex bribe money to keep his affairs a secret... phew, what a crazy work environment eh? Alex is a pretty good person and while dealing with the bliss world Alex is stuggling with school work and a new love interest whom just might be the ONE, and trying to keep close to her best buddies in the entire world. A great gaggle of ladies who have always been there for her and she for them. This book was cute in a man cheating on wife and college girls trying to find themselves kind of way...but it was amusing and passed the time. There were a few time jumps inside of the novel that were a little odd,  and it seems like a few scenes could have been added, but it was a decent novel that was teaching us about money verses morals. Not a bad example of what you should and shouldn't do in the real world of managing and working.

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