Friday, October 11, 2013

J.S. Scott Riding with The Cop The Pleasure of His Punishment

J.S. Scott, well, I've read quite a few of this author erotic tales, but this one short story part of "The Pleasure of His Punishment" Series was a bit...well off putting. The story is about Lily Thompson a fourth year student in Forensics a lab technician in training and part of that training is she has to do a ride a long with an Officer in the Field. Her field mentor is Sergeant Jake Simmons. This is her last night riding with the Sergeant and Lily makes a mistake that could cost her her bachelors degree because she didn't follow orders, but now...that report might not have to be filed because the "Good" Sergeant has an offer that she cannot refuse, an offer that will give him and possibly Lily great pleasure. He'll make sure that report he has to write never gets written if she submits to him and does whatever he wants to her body.... Okay, Okay, I can see how this could be incredibly sexy, BUT! Big But here readers... that's blackmail and could even be considered rape, I had way too many issues with seeing an officer of the law who has promised to serve and protect and to take on a student as a partner for three nights to abuse his power... of course there's a bit of a twist here and a lot of passion, and the erotic scenes were quite steamy and sexy, but....just couldn't get past the whole aspect of how this tale seems to be. Sexy scenes and writing indeed, but this is a story that could turn oh so dark oh so quick so really sadly not my cup of tea, but if there were a perfect world and Lily had mentioned this were a fantasy of hers to Jake then maybe that would've been okay, but this is just well icky and quite scary.

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