Sunday, October 27, 2013

Christmas Choices When Naughty Becomes So Nice Written by: Melissa F. Hart

Hello Readers, forgive me for reading a Christmas tale before Halloween, but I just couldn't resist reading this little juicy tale. We'll call this my erotic Nightmare Before Christmas moment...cheesy as that sounds.  Andie Nichols is going stag... to the big yearly Christmas party as she finally broke up with her controlling boyfriend Evan...whom readers was a real controlling jerk. But, now Andie fears seeing Evan at the party and maybe just maybe she made a mistake? During her painful attempts to avoid Evan Andie meets Ryan Miller...and kisses him just to stop herself from the humiliation of seeing Evan by herself. Ryan is shocked but, he likes it. It just so happens these two have some amazing chemistry and leave the big party together. Ryan reveals a secret to Andie which turns out to be quite shocking as Ryan tells Andie he likes a woman who isn't afraid to demand what she wants, and now he's offering to be Andie's own personal sex slave. Can Andie put herself out there like this and admit she likes being in charge? Can Andie be a little naughty so Ryan can make things oh so nice. It's a fun tale readers and builds up quite a bit with some fascinating developments in Andie's life both in and outside of the bedroom, quite the little drama readers quite educational and very saucy. I want to see what happens to these two people. 

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