Monday, October 14, 2013

Falling for An Angel Angel At Large Written by: Melissa F. Hart

"I'm an Angel.", what would your response be if the sexy and oh so sensual guy across from you who had just kissed you were to say those three words? Probably crack up or think maybe it's time this date were over... So many shirtless men books by the way batman... I mean yeesh...shirts look good too, but ook moving on. Melissa is getting over her ex husband a major jerk who cheated on her not once, not twice, but the entirity of her marriage so beginning, middle, and end! Now, Mel's best bud Trina is trying to get her friend out of the funk that has become her social life. Trina isn't asking Mel to fall in love right away, but to just put herself out there, because if Mel doesn't then her ex has won, as Mel's ex has essentially ruined all men for her. Yuck. So, Mel decides to go out with Trina to meet this new hunky guy she's been going crazy over. Well, here's where you realize there's something very interesting about Trina's new beau turns out he is an Angel. The six foot tall dark-haired man Cassel has fallen in love with Trina, but there's a catch for him to be with her two of his fellow Angels Adrian and Kaine need to also fall in love, otherwise Trina and Cassel can't be together. Now, how does that make sense!?! So, we follow Mel and Adrian and we shall see readers, can they make it work and then there's also the issue of Kaine also finding a partner...oh also there's a time line to them finding true love! Right, cause finding True love is so easy... then again they are Angels. I enjoyed this tale with its supernatrual aspects peppered in and the sex scenes weren't hard either on the senses, but I just don't like that time line and that two people can't be together unless four others find one another...oy, still an amusing and quick read

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