Monday, October 21, 2013

Twilight Eyes Written by: Dean Koontz

Why Hello there readers, what a month it has been, still haven’t even bought my Halloween costume yet! Still, at least the house is decorated, the pumpkins carved, and of course the candy is all ready (haven’t even opened and snuck a piece or two yet!) Still, to transform oneself into another person is not something that comes around just once a year for me, so if need be I can consult my collection of fun accessories and out there clothing/costumes…any who where it takes humans paint, clothing, jewelry, etc… in Dean Koontz Twilight eyes he has created or perhaps revealed a monster race, and one man who calls himself Slim MacKenzie can see these monsters. Slim can see what we cannot…Why can’t we see these monsters? Well because, they look and sound just like us readers, and until they wish to reveal themselves even internally on a cellular level these creatures appear to be what they mimic… us. Slim is not exactly ordinary he’s gifted or cursed with a special kind of eyes, and you will not forget these eyes as they are beautiful, but also because Koontz pounds into our heads just how special these Twilight eyes are… Slim’s eyes are also special because he is gifted with a psychic gift of premonitions and again he can see the monsters that are hiding amongst us, feeding on our suffering, and also causing our anguish. Slim has been on the run and has been seeking sanctuary within the circus/carnival circuit and we find Slim looking to reintegrate himself into a new Carnival, but instead of sanctuary Slim finds a hunting ground for the monsters he calls Goblins… But, perhaps Slim isn’t so lost perhaps he can find allies, or perhaps he will be betrayed by these so called allies…who knows whose worse us or the Goblins? These Goblins these monsters have a history a past that coincides with our own history, a history that is so crazy and farfetched that it appears that it might just be plausible. The story is pure poetry the descriptions Dean Koontz gives us are just so artistic and paint and fine tune a world that is so dark, but at the same time has bright moments that Slim steals whenever possible. The book in connection with time takes place between the 1960’s and 1970’s so a person can really be anonymous in this world and helpless without the use of their internet or cell phone connection to call forth help when needed. I’ve read quite a few books by Koontz and he always has quite the poetic descriptions and at times he really likes to nail home his points…and by nail I mean with a jackhammer. I understood what he was saying long before he finished some of his long monologues, but it was still cool to hear just how many ways he packed description into his scenes and internal dialogue. This story was quite interesting and was broken up in part one epilogue one and part two epilogue two, and for it being two books in one really worked, my heart sank quite a few times as characters will die readers and there will be blood and sorrow, but I will tell you this we have love at least. I enjoyed listening to this book as I borrowed it from Audible the narrator Malcolm Hillgartner was very talented and his pitches, tones, and even breath really set the mood of the story.

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