Sunday, October 13, 2013

Hunter's Heart Written by: Melissa F. Hart

Hello readers, in keeping with the Fall and approaching Halloween decided to read some supernatural Erotic/Love tales. In Hunter's Heart we have Garrett a loner vampire, which in Hart's created world is unacceptable as lone vampires are little more than wild animals who must be put down or tried to be brought into a more civilized way of life by joining a clan. Garrett though, feels he is perfectly fine remaining on his own, he's survived 60 years on his own feeding from willing donors and animals leaving the humans alone. But, now he's become noticed by one of the vamprie groups he's avoided for so long. Can Garrett get away, or will he fall prey to not the coven's but to a female Vampire who has a mysterious power over him? I enjoyed this short tale though the dialogue was a bit okay VERY cliche at times and the story itself was just Internal dialogue and quick scene, internal dialogue, quick scene, BIG Conflict! Obivously going to be trouble.....aaaaaaannnnnnnd...The End. This is a series, but as a stand a lone short story with quite a steamy scene it's quite amusing, but Hunt has introduced us even if barely to a far more complex world she has created, perhaps I'll travel into her realm again, but it was an interesting and pleasant tale all the same.

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