Sunday, November 10, 2013

After Dead, What came next in The World Of Sookie Stackhouse Written by: Charlaine Harris

It's funny readers I was so ready to put this series to bed to just let go and be happy the world of Sookie was over. But, then...Charlaine Harris brought this book into the picture my gosh. Sooooo this isn't a novel readers not one little bit, but it does put quite a few peoples stories to rest from A to Z literally. It was interesting and a little weird reading about characters and their lives and how many of theirs continued or ended. What took Charlaine 13 books to flesh out and give us only took her a few sentences to end. I've seen Japanese/Korean/etc... manga do this type of book so it wasn't completely alien to me, but it was different for a novella series. Still, for this being the "Final End" Harris gave us a few clues to us readers that maybe just maybe she's not done with the universe she created, and maybe just maybe we will be seeing more of this world and a few characters we're familiar with perhaps? This is an incredibly fast read, but it is interesting just how Harris chose to do this and answer questions about second, third, even fourth primary characters. A delightful look indeed and another way to say goodbye for now to this delightful world.

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