Thursday, November 21, 2013

A Stranger in Wynnedower Written by: Grace Greene

Hello readers, brr it’s getting brisk in this area, and I absolutely love all the wonderful small and crisp smells. I tell you I have the pleasure of passing a shop that has fresh baked break in the morning that combined with the aromas of people’s coffees and teas from their respective coffee shops is just so tantalizing. The smells and crisp cool winds just make me want to walk on by my office and loop my walk and keep on walking. Have you guessed yet that I adore this season? So, I decided with this time of year when the flowers are fading, the days becoming shorter, and the shadows lengthening perhaps it was time to read a tale with mystery involved. A Stranger In Wynnedower was the most recent book I had the pleasure of reading, though readers this was an interesting book in the fact yes it was a mystery, but it was also a bit of a love story. I found myself reading about Rachel Sevier, a thirty two year old inventory specialist with the most striking golden brown eyes and a no nonsense haircut who has a jack of all trades knack for life. Rachel my dear readers is looking to change her life, she’s hoping to surprise her brother at the Southern Gothic estate called Wynnendower in Virginia, but before she visits her brother he stops returning her calls. Rachel is perplexed and quite worried and upon arrival Rachel discovers her brother Jeremy has vanished and now she finds Jack Wynne the mansion’s bad tempered and short spoken owner. Jack is not at all happy to have Rachel at his home and is angry with her brother for taking off from his care taker responsibilities without a word. Jack Wynne is a large man who is quite grisly in his nature and demeanor but there’s a certain attractiveness in his form, and Jack has his own plans concerning his life. Jack is tired of being responsible for everyone and everything, and he wants to be free of those obligations.  Now, he has this woman Rachel snooping around searching for her irresponsible brother, but Jack allows Rachel to stay and wait for Jeremy. There’s a lot going on behind the scenes and even though Rachel has a knack for taking inventory and organizing things it appears there is quite a bit she’s not being told about Wynnedower. It’s a cute read my fellow book readers, there’s some interesting things going on in the background, but the author leaves so much for us to imagine and keep the air of mystery thick that some of the plot seems to have been lacking where some detail and dramatic moments could have been added, and for as hard Greene tried to keep the truth from surfacing I figured out what was going on pretty darn quick but maybe some of you will or would take longer to discover the secrets Wynnedower has to share? A wonderful read to pass these beautiful fall mornings, afternoons, and evenings readers.

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