Friday, November 29, 2013

The Christmas Train Written by: David Baldacci

Hello readers, well we're approaching another season, yup that special time of year, granted I love all the seasons and all the holidays, but for a lot of people this is the one, and this is the time of year for a lot of people that talking to that complete stranger isn't such a weird idea. Why not get to know a complete stranger and let them into your life? It's funny reader, when you become familar with an author you grow to know their cadence their style of writing how they will have the words flow how the plot will develop and conclude... I've only read one book by David Baldacci actually I listend and so I borrowed another book from my Father in laws audible library. I didn't even look at the author I just went "Christmas" okay I can trust Bruce it will be good, and well after a few chapters I knew just KNEW this was David Baldacci. Mr. Baldacci must also have a type of person that he likes to read his book because Tim Matheson the narrator of this story had such a similar voice to the other book I listened to by Baldacci. The people who created this audio book did an amazing job with music, sound affects, and background noise. The story itself was something of a story within a story within a story I was very happy to take a journey with every one of these passangers on the trains crossing the United States. We are introduced to the ex war journalist .... whom is looking for something in his life, he's without family and is feeling lost he's not quite sure what he is missing, but he does believe what he has to show for his life is pretty sad. Baldacci does at times become preachy about train travel, but he does share some interesting facts with us. The crazy cast of characters are so fun to be around and the story as a whole is just something that is truly fascinating and awesome in it's grand and fun design. This is a feel good let's get in the Christmas holiday mood, and will have you ready to be with your loved ones and want to perhaps spread some of your own holiday cheer.

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