Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Twelve Book 2 in the Passage Trilogy written by: Justin Cronin

We’ve gone round in a circle…well more like a figure eight well more like a figure eight on acid.  What is life worth to you fellow readers? How much would you fight for a better life? Would you join your enemy? Would you fight them at the cost of your life of the ones you love life’s? Would you just shut all the bad away and escape within your mind? What would you do?  It seems that after everything the end of the world was only the beginning and we’ll have to live in past, present, and future. In Justin Cronin’s The Twelve, book two in the Passage Trilogy. Every character readers will be important every event will interlock and become part of this world’s both old and new story. In the present day we are following a woman called Lila who is an expectant mother who is so shattered by the spread of the government made infection and violence that she ignores reality to a degree of constantly painting and prepping for her unborn baby. There are others readers an ex solider whom will be known as “Last Stand in Denver.” Will also be warped into this new reality and become someone he never planned to be. Then there’s April a teenager is fighting to protect her little brother and all three will realize something that should bring comfort they are not fully abandoned they are not alone, but what If what’s coming for them isn’t the salvation they need? What if their salvation will bring about more darkness?  Then we morph to the future a hundred years to be precise, and we are faced with Amy, after the last book I thought readers maybe things would be better for this poor girl? It seems that way, but there are always the Twelve and Zero. Amy and the others fight on for humankind’s salvation, but even they can’t realize the enemy has changed the rules. The monsters are evolving and humans are losing hope some are even joining the monsters for just a promise of more life. This readers is where the ultimate sacrifice will be made as the future that the Twelve are trying to make for the world is more horrifying than man’s extinction. If these Twelve man made monsters are to be vanquished then someone or some people will need to make even more sacrifices. This book was absolutely thrilling readers, I had to pay extra close even though Scott Brick the reader was so crisp and clear in his dialogue truly an excellent narrator, but the words Cronin uses the sheer detail and interlocking plots are just so vast that you need to really pay attention.  My mind felt like it was floating at times readers living in multiple times and through multiple people and at times the same people Cronin does a wonderful job at evolving his characters and the plot, but sometimes things became just a tad jumbled especially towards the end, what the heck was that all about? What is going on? What exactly happened? I am not sure readers, but I absolutely cannot wait to find out.

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