Sunday, December 15, 2013

Santas Little Helper Written by: Lacey Kane

Hello readers, wow, just um...wowzer this a book that will cause all types of blushing and moments of pause. This author does not write romance, absolutely doesn't, as she states in the back of this book. To quote "There is nothing even remotely romantic about my stories. What you will find in the pages of my work is BDSM, smut, often consists of dubious consent, and is sometimes rather harsh." This book readers even has a disclaimer stating you might be offended with the story and all that it entails. So, it's Christmas time, you're working as an elf and will be spending your Holiday single since your jerk boyfriend and you have called it quits. So, now Santa also known as the gorgeous toned Josh gets word that one of his poker buddies has just backed out and asks Tara also known as Santa's little helper to come and fill in. Sure, why not? After all Josh is hot and you've got no plans so why not? So, it all sounds great until when Tara arrives and four men begin undressing her literally... does she want what they're offering? It isn't poker, but it does involve the table, and a bunch of other toys, locations, and did I mention four men? This is quite the short tale, I mean wow, usually erotic tales like this are but a single scene and the big finale and nothing more, this though had a beginning to lull us in and then things quickly escalated and just when you think okay that's done, phew...wowzer, it continues, and continues and continues....phew. Your toes will curl you may bite your lip and you'll probably leave with quite a few ideas and maybe be a little surprised at yourself but damn. This is not a romantic tale readers it's really just about sex and heavy kink like wow... I was a little afraid at times. Still, if you want a very kinky BDSM tale with a not so Christmas theme...then by all means check this tale out. Phew... I say...phew.

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