Thursday, December 5, 2013

Naughty But Nice A short Story Written by: Kenny Wright

Allo there readers, okay, after having taken a little detour I decided to go back to the Christmas Theme in my reading, this tale was oh so amusing. Elf ears...a kink, who knew? For Dan the photographer at the Santa display in the mall Tolkien ladies are sexy. Dan is really good at what he does and creates wonderful photographs, but lately he just can't get this feeling of wanting more than just capturing other peoples' happy moments. And then she walked into his shop...Dan has been having a fantasy involving elf ears, Santa's chair, and a gorgeous woman and it seems that might just happen for him readers. This is a sweet story with only the slightest bit of kink, but sometimes it's about location, location, location folks. An entertaining and memorable encounter and fantasy for those of you who may be just a bit frazzled by the lines at the mall Santa's photo shop and need to drift off for a moment and ease some of that holiday tension.

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