Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Running with Scissors a memoir Written by: Augusten Burroughs

Well readers, much as I love this holiday season I would not be me without a little sarcasm and bitterness at that. This readers is Burroughs first memoir I've read three of his so far and his first novel, but I finally picked up the one that started it all. This book left me feeling a bit grimy like Burrough's life sloshed off on me a little, where previous books I read had some resolutions and a resolve to the issues of Burrough's life this book his first one was quite educational. This book is the true story of a boy whose delusional poet mother gave him away to be raised by her unorthodox psychiatrist who bore a striking resemblance to Santa Clause. You really can't make this up readers...again I don't know how much of this is true, but if it is all true then damn...so creepy and even if a fraction is true ahh! So Burroughs finds himself among a very unconventional family a Doctors family living in squalor and befriends himself a pedophile who is only allowed to live in the backyards shed... this is a life of true freedom readers where rules and restrictions do not exist where one is expected to not be repressed and to be a free spirit. Augusten also has a brother whom is the complete opposite where Augusten dreams of grandeur, titles, and perfect hair his brother according to his mother's doctor was so mentally ill he couldn't help him.... Augusten's brother's response "Huh, I feel okay." It seems that the lack of structure and the over amount of available freedom bestowed upon Augusten left him with a lack of actual freedom. This was just wow, it was so twisted and either you laughed readers or wanted to scream. I can't say that I really enjoyed this book more like I digested it and kept looking away mouthing WTF? The writing is clever and the life of Augusten Burroughs was just completely off the rails to the point I am just in awe of this man's life even after having read two other books about him

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