Sunday, December 8, 2013

Chill Factor Written by: Sandra Brown

Hello readers, well though it feels like spring or early fall here in New England I thought let’s read something with a little chill and Terror to offset all of that gooey happy Christmas Spirit..I keep reading all the sweet stuff I’ve been reading my soul is going to gain a cavity…okay that was lame, but I’m going to leave what I wrote and that’s all there is to it. Can you tell I’m uber excited? No? Well I am! I just finished listening to, yes listening, it’s so much easier to listen to a book while I walk to my office and home, and then while I run…why didn’t I realize audio books were so convenient before? I even listen to book at my office while I’m working, of course I listen to my news and podcasts first, but ahhh books! Okay, in this recent book Sandra Brown created quite the twisty, suspenseful, and scary tale. Five women have gone missing readers in a very unexpected place this sleepy mountain town in North Carolina called Cleary. And readers, if that wasn’t chilling enough there is a blue ribbon left near where each woman was last seen, and the police have no leads, and it’s been two years this has been going on for. Enter Lilly Martin whom has returned to Clearly to close the sale on her cabin, but an accident occurs and she strikes a man with her car… that man is Ben Tierney whom oddly emerges from the woods right before a blizzard. These two have no choice but to wait out a brutal blizzard in the previously mentioned cabin, and as the hours of confinement tick by Lily wonders if the greater threat to her safety isn’t the storm, but perhaps Tierney besides her? This readers had it all, this book had mystery, horror, love, drama, secrets, adventure, loss, bigotry, hypocrisy, and action! I mean wowza, some of the characters in this book were so unlikeable I was falling in love with this town, to think such a beautiful little town would be so debased behind closed doors. There are three characters in particular I just wanted to punch and scream at, if I were to ever meet these men in the real world you bet your fanny’s readers I’d kick there’s, just ugh so gross, and nauseating these characters Brown has created and introduced to us. The narrator Stephen Lang was quite good too, I didn’t overly care for his female voices, but that happens a lot, his talent in creating the core of the characters was amazing though, I really wanted to hate each character individually because he gave them such a distinct quality in their pitch, tone, voice. So Good job Mr. LangThe plot of the story is so much fun to follow from the beginning to the middle to the very end I was trying to get a fix on what exactly was going on and how exactly this was going to end, why didn’t these pieces fit right? Also, as it happens quite often I visually saw myself flapping my arms and trying to get the characters to listen to me and pay attention, but even had they been able to hear me, I was wrong a few times too readers. This author definitely kept me guessing, I love that! The clues Brown withholds and gives us are just too good to ignore, speculation is a dangerous thing my fellow readers and so is gossip… circumstantial that’s what it is. Chill Factor had me pulling my scarf tighter around my neck and me practicing drawing my individual knives on my person for practice and for comfort because you never know when there’s someone waiting for you or watching you… of course thankfully this was only a story and this couldn’t really happen, but that’s where it’s genius because this does happen! Quite terrifying in its realism and band of characters acting out this mysteriously terrifying tale. A must read definitely.

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