Saturday, December 14, 2013

All She Wants 4 Christmas Written by: Jessica Lee

Evening readers, so, what would you do if all your darkest desires or not even all of your desires, but just the darkest one came true on Christmas Eve? What if instead of the classic night with loved ones, baked cookies, Santa's elves, and the Big guy who laughs like he has a bowl full of jelly...what if instead of having that for your Christmas eve you had lace, blindfolds, teddy's, handcuffs, and sheer bliss? For Monica Sims she wants all that as she has been wishing that once just once her fiance would just step outside of his comfort zone. Monica loves her fiance but she wants more, and one night she took a risk and shares with him her darkest fantasy..Domination. Submission. Surrendering to the will of more than one man. But, Monica believes perhaps her confession was a bit too much for her fiance. But, Dane knows exactly what he wants in bed....vanilla sex is all he ever needed, but then he saw something something that made him realize something. Dane is now determined to unleash his fiance's control and he wants to take her to very special place a very special fetish club, and they won't be alone. This was quite the tale indeed and it will definitely get your blood pumping and the imagination stirring. Not a bad way to enjoy Christmas Eve eh? This a short tale but quite enjoyable.

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