Monday, December 9, 2013

Secret Santa A Bluegrass Series Novel Written by: Kathleen Brooks

Why hello there readers, the countdown continues J I’ve been addressing Christmas cards, wrapping presents, and prepping for my hubbies and mines annual Friends’ Holiday potluck party. I love creating traditions with my hubby and being able to spend the holiday with both friends and family. And, I love present shopping, why? Well it’s fun to just look around and know just know that’s so your friend sure most of my gifts are goofy, but it’s fun and it’s a gift.  Ah, so as I’m reading this most recent book I couldn’t help but think to myself …do places like this really exist? I mean really? Maybe it’s because since I’ve been 20 I’ve never lived anywhere for more than two years and I’m a renter without kids, but do communities like Keeneston really exist? This book was part of a larger series, but I couldn’t help reading it because the Christmas book in long series tends to be oh so cute and answer questions in the series that other readers have been dying to know, and I get to know it without having read this series…mwahahahahahaha! So, Keeneston is a lovely town and I was introduced to quite a large cast of characters for those of you who possibly read this series I’ll give you a quick peek at the books jacket description. “Kenna’s court docket is full, Dani’s hiding from her in-laws, Paige and Annie are about to burst from pregnancy, and Marshall is breaking up fights at the PTA Christmas Concert. The Sweet potato casserole is made, the ham and biscuits are on the table, and men are losing their shirts, and not because of bets placed with the Rose Sisters! All the while, the entire town is wondering one thing: who is the Secret Santa that showed up with special gifts for everyone?” Whew, right, I got to meet these delightful cast of characters for a brief moment. Quite the happy close knit community and oh so precious was each of these stories. I could relate to a few too, so it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows, well… for a few moments and then it was but it’s nice to read a story that’s happy and sweet and makes you believe that towns with close communities could be this good. A delightful read that will leave you feeling a bit like you’ve been transported to  the inside of a Hallmark card.

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