Monday, December 2, 2013

Perfect Written by: Autumn Jordan

Hello fellow readers, I hope you’re all enjoying your first few days of December, I must admit this is a mixed time for me, I’ve lost a few people over the years to December, but it is also a wonderful time of year full of great memories and sometimes I find it hard to not get caught up in the holiday cheer. To me Christmas is a time of family and friends and merry making, granted I do that a lot in general, but at this time of year I get to have bright lights, lots of red, and spiked eggnog…so yeah. It is also a season of reflection, last year I lost one of my best friends since my sandbox day, he was truly a wonderful person and I believe I will always feel his loss as will all those who knew him will, but he was a person who taught me to embrace things including myself. Believe it or not readers there was a period of time I used to read even more and get lost in books rather than face reality, he, my friend taught me that even the mundane could be fun again. So, I found this little holiday book to bring my morose and contemplating self back to the happy side of things Perfect, was just that, perfect. Dylan Kincaid a bachelor whom is now the caretaker of his two young nieces while his brother and sister in law are off serving their country royally screwed up Thanksgiving, but is determined to make Christmas better. This guy ladies and gentlemen is just wowza, he’s handsome, artistic, rugged, friendly, and oh so much more. Then there’s Darcy Witherspoon whom is down on her luck, but a successful restaurant owner/chef and oh so gorgeous and quite fun. Both of these two are looking to have a happy Holiday and so meeting up in Black Moose, VT they team up to make a perfect Christmas, but due to life’s circumstances neither is interested in an affair, but readers perhaps the magic of Christmas has something more for these two? Just read this book next to a picturesque window by the light of a fire and the twinkling lights of your Christmas tree with the wrapped presents reflecting everything. This was just one of those happy and enjoyable story. Sure, there’s a little hiccup here or there but every character and every scene is just so friendly so magical it’s what everyone dreams of when they think of Christmas to just be happy and surrounded by those whom you care about and whom care about you. Sure, Christmas now of days doesn’t just happen it needs a little help, but you don’t need the biggest and flashiest decorations and gifts to make it special traditions are nice, but sometimes new traditions need to be made. The writing itself was okay there were quite a few editing mistakes but these hiccups didn’t take away or ruin the book for me. This is a book filled with maple syrup, fine food, decorations, cookies, and a whole lot of love in this small secluded town in VT. If you want to get into the Christmas spirit and have some fun then this is definitely a holiday read for you. This story with all its cavity inducing sweetness but down to earth attitude really helped me remember a lot of good about my friend and the holidays. I miss him, but there’s a lot of good memories with him including silly Christmas events. So, December is here and we begin the countdown readers.

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