Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Invisible Monsters Written by Chuck Palahniuk

Um, okay… where to begin with this chaotic book. First, a friend of my recommended I check this book out, and I am so not regretting finally checking it out! Though, I wonder about either my friends’ reading choices or my own for reading them and enjoying them. HA!  So, it’s a new year readers, and some of you may still covet other’s possessions, lives, beauty…sure a new year new resolutions, but what if you had it all? What if you were the proud owner of a sexy boyfriend, a career, a loyal best friend, and had  the looks that others took notice of and coveted. Sounds perfect right? But, in this tale Invisible Monsters written by Chuck Palahniuk was to put it bluntly… disturbing. So, the stories protagonist is gorgeous she finds herself one day driving along the freeway when a sudden “accident” leaves her with half her face, no ability to speak, and next to no self-esteem, but the girls got a sharp and disturbing mind that I found quite comical too.  She is hideous so ugly that no one will acknowledge she exists she is literally an Invisible Monster. Talk about a story? Sooo, if you’re thinking this will a tale about a poor victim who is now scarred and will be a lesson or even an inspirational tale to well inspire us all to be happy with what we’ve been given and earned? Then stop right here and go no further, because this is not that book. This readers is a book about the future, the past, the now, all in a skewed form with lessons from drugs, sex, photography, survival, to the basest forms of the human condition. This is a book that if one of the characters were murdered it’d be no different than “the moral equivalent of killing a car, a vacuum cleaner, a Barbie doll. Erasing a computer disk. Burning a book.” (Oh heaven’s forbid the book burning that one hurts) So, it seems there just might be some salvation for our main character in a place she’d never look as in enters Brandy Alexander, Queen Supreme; Brandy will teach her that reinventing yourself means erasing the past and making up something better. This novel is so unpredictable…you think it’s a salvation book or even a revenge book, but on who? Also, what would revenge get this character? So, the main gal decides revenge against your best friend Evie and fellow model sure, let’s start there, and while we’re at it, let’s kidnap her ex main squeeze Manus. So, this book goes on a little road trip leaving a trail of fire, pills, and clothing returns. This was pure chaos filled with designer labels and medical terms…this readers was a book that really makes you evaluate your complaints in life and find the humor in all the despicable thoughts you’d had. The beginning is the end and the journey is the future and past, the ending is the beginning I mean wholly moley….your brain cells will fizzle and expand and fizzle again. There just might be a few gem lessons in here, but you’d have to stop cringing and shaking your head to find it. There’s so many twists and revelations I simply cannot begin to express how many times I went No. No Way. NO WAAAAY! SERIOUSLY?! I love Chuck Palahniuk books even if they all make me cringe and go cross eyed with thought and disbelief. A fabulous read that you totally should share with friends or perhaps a book group?

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