Monday, January 6, 2014

Hounded The Iron Druid Chronicles Book 1 Written by: Kevin Hearne

Allo fellow book readers, well have I just been in absolute heaven reading this latest book my father in law told me I should look into. (Guy really does have good taste) It's a series, and it has been years I mean years since I've found a series that made me want to read every book and re-read them. Sure, I read quite a few series, but many of those are from the late 90's or early 2000's when I began them, but this one is still new and oh so awesome! I actually listened to this on audible, but it was so enjoyable I listened to it again! The first book in this series known as the Iron Druid Chronicles is titled Hounded, and we are introduced to Atticus O'Sullivan (whom it would seem is also quite easy on the eyes, and since he's about twenty-one hundred years old, yup I just typed that....and only looks to be 21 I don't feel like I'm robbing the cradle.) last of the Druids living well enough in Arizona running an occult book/tea shop while also in his spare time shape-shifting and hunting with his Irish wolfhound Oberon. I loved both of these characters Atticus is the perfect blend of old school magic practitioner and modern American civilian whom manages their own business. He's witty, wise cracking, and crafty, with a whole lot of old school hospitality. To everyone around him however he appears to be a  handsome Irish 21 year old with tattoos. The clash and melding of old world references meeting current world slang and references was absolutely brilliant and oh so amusing. But, like all good stories this ancient forever young Druid has a conflict arise. Atticus is in possession of a magical sword known as Fragarach, the Answerer, and unfortunately a very angry Celtic God wants that sword, and he's finally after centuries of hounding Atticus ready to collect. Atticus can kick some series butt readers, after all he's had quite a bit of time to hone his skills, and he's equipped himself with most of the modern ways while holding onto the old ones too, but he may need some help  from a few gorgeous, deadly, and sexy Goddesses, a vampire, a werewolf team of attorneys, a sexy bartender whom might not be quite human, an accepting neighbor, and a bit of luck to hopefully survive this conflict with a certain Love God and his lackeys. Readers, there's a lot of death and a lot of characters in this story just one event after the other will cause you not exhaustion but rather elate you, and cause you to want to see what happens next! The audible book I listened to was narrated by Luke Daniels whom I thought was the perfect reader his accents though a bit over the top at times were so musical and fun to listen to and I appreciated his ability to give the female characters a voice without sounding like they were coming from a guy doing a terrible job imitating a woman. His voice for Oberon will have you laughing your arse off too. The world Hearne has introduced me to brings a lot of what I've read about ancient cultures and religion into play and it's absolutely brilliant in how again this huge cast of characters interact and manage to not become too jumbled, but instead balance quite perfectly. You may become a bit flabbergasted by how crazy things become, but it is oh so cool! I mean c'mon a 21 hundred year old Druid whom wields both Earth Magic and Iron consorts with Gods on a regular basis it seems.... loves his dog, and can appreciate South Park and Monty Python as well as be a shameless flirt? Yup, my kinda main character and my kinda story.

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