Thursday, January 2, 2014

My Despicable ex Written by: Sierra Rose

Why hello there, okay so… imagine one of the worst days of your life, and then picture one of the best days now, let’s try to combine the two. For Ashly Roberts and Jake Connors both are barely twenty when they decide to take that big step…yup Marriage. The night before the wedding was a fairy tale and Asly and Jake have been together since Highschool (granted being barely 20 that’s not really that far behind them is it?) Well, as Ashly is in bridal bliss and feels like she is living in the perfect fairytale Jake is obviously having his own ideas of how this tale will end, and folks it isn’t going to be pretty. Jake, through a phone call minutes before the big event says…”I can’t” and that’s all she gets folks, yup Ashly is dumped not even at the altar but before she even gets to walk down the aisle is just told by Jake no can do babe… ouch! I don’t know about you readers, but if that had happened to me I’d probably hunt the bastard down and try to inflict the amount of pain and embarrassment he inflicted on me with due interest of course. Because remember though Jake left her Ashly still had to face their home together, their mutual family and friends, and of course clean out the home they built together…there’s a whole lot of payback to be had. But, then we jump five years into the future. Ashly still thinks Jake is despicable and yet Jake wants her back with a vengeance.  Jake realizes that being a no-for his and Ashly’s nuptials was the worst mistake of his life. Now, a little older, and more mature, Jake is ready to try and win Ashly back…or so he thinks. Sure, he’s handsome more than handsome, and there’s a lot of good history their readers, but he dumped her on her wedding day! Also, he’s been gone for five years with no contact, right NO CONTACT whatsoever! Ashly is attracted to Jake still, but how can Ashly see beyond what happened between them five years ago? Something happens as it always does reader to bring these two people together, but ugh, did I have a tough time not wanting to slug the sexy Jake Connors in the face. I mean c’mon time doe not heal everything readers and what Jake did to Ashly not exactly a small little fight, he wasn’t even nice enough to give them a fight he just left. So, there’s attraction there’s some romantic settings, but it’s a whole lot of Ashly drooling over her ex and not wanting to admit it and Jake making comments about the past to give them a possible future…ick. I get what the author was going for here, but I dunno readers the plot and characters felt so forced and felt like unless someone had a whole lot of money this so wouldn’t have been possible. I’m more of a hell hath no fury kinda gal so…yeah I had trouble getting over Jake’s BIG betrayal even if he had called, written, showed up in five years I might have felt a bit for this character, but instead I kept thinking…SUFFER! So, this is a bubble gum sweet romance book, it’s cute, but I don’t know if I’ll read the second one seeing as it did feel so forced. But, if you believe in Love and forgiveness and moving on and trying to pick up the pieces and build something better kinda life, well then this is probably a good read for you. But PLEASE he dumped her on HER WEDDING DAY! Through a call! Le sigh.

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