Thursday, January 9, 2014

Vampire Knight Volume 16 Art and Story by: Matsuri Hino

Sigh, phew, and yikes! So, it seems Yuki has a plan, it might not be the best plan, but it’s all that she has… I’m just drawn to this story readers, there are happy moments, few as they are and when this would make them all the happier, these happy moments just seem to cause more sorrow. Because which person can you believe is the real person when they show you imense kindness and then intentionaly cause even greater sorrow? Can one really trust their memories and emotions when the cold reality of the present threatens to warp and obliterate the tender feelings of old? With the cold and winter here the chill Yuki and all the Hunters and Vampires are facing seems to penetrate right to my soul. It is said strong emotional ties from Childhood can greatly influence an adult later on in life, but what if it keeps you from moving forward? Sara Shirabuki fellow pureblood is quickly replacing Yuki as number one at Cross Academy, oh right the Night class is back in session…just what is Yuki trying to accomplish? Also, there’s a new tasty blood tablet on the market that is making vampire bonkers…will this tablet make its way to the Night Class? Will the humans at Cross academy be safe? Can Head Master Cross’s ideals ever come true? To make matters more complicated Yuki is now desperately thirsty as Kaname was her source of nourishment, but now…Zero has offered his own! Will Yuki break her promise to Kaname and drink from Zero? Okay, seriously? This is such the love Triangle readers, it has been from day one and all parties have admitted their feelings towards one another doesn’t help that each of them has considered killing the other at one point or the other and some are still considering killing one of the romantic party… trouble indeed and oh so complex. Can’t we all just get along? Nope, doesn’t look like that’s going to happen. Also doesn’t help Kaname is causing some serious doubt in both Cross’s and Yuki’s trust. Oh, and a BIG secret it seems has been revealed to Zero, can this guy really take any more abuse? Sigh, I NEED to read volume 17, the way 15 ended was enough to make me rush to volume 16, but now 16 has caused me great anxiety and curiosity, just what is this story leading up to! Is this leading to the actual climax? I don’t know, but I can’t wait to learn more!

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