Saturday, January 4, 2014

Striptease Written by: Carl Hiaasen

Wowie, just wow…I feel like I need to shower after having read this book readers, this year I’m beginning with quite a few amusing, thought provoking, and just overall crazy dramatic books. Only in America my fellow book readers could a bachelor party gone awry create such a snowball of unfortunate we have a strip-joint, the noted bachelor party, a hapless and drunken groom, an honorable exotic dancer, a U.S. congressman, a bouncer, an interestingly cool cop plopped in, and quite the other arrangement of random cast of characters create a wild and quite out there case of extortion, murder, and of course sex that could very well bring down some big and small players in politics and sugar cane. Sounds interesting no? So, where does this all go down? Well America yes, but Florida, what is with me reading books about Florida lately, and how crazy it is there? Granted, I’ve read books all over the united States, but this is now three in the last few months that occur in Sunny Florida. So the honorable exotic dancer formerly FBI clerk Erin Grant dances nightly to deal with legal fees brought forth by her slime ball ex husband, readers her ex really is an uber slime ball in fact most of the men in this book will cause you to shiver in disgust. Have you ever readers had too much sugar or something very spicy and then felt a slight film all over your teeth, and then felt the compulsion that you just HAD to brush your teeth to get rid of the grime? Well, every time I stopped listening to this book I had that feeling like I needed to not only brush my teeth but to also shower, the book was amusing even hilarious in how unbelievable these characters are, but their sheer gal! Just ew. None of the characters disgusted me quite the same way as David Dilbeck he’s an imbecile and quite the kinky old man, but he blames his faults and shortcomings on his weakness for naked women…this guy just made me cringe readers after hearing the narrator George Wilson give David Dilbeck like I’m amazed I can even look at a naked man again yet alone have sex with one because this guy was just ew! Vaseline readers, I’m refraining from loathing Vaseline now too. HA! So, the plot continues Dilbeck is recognized by a regular at the Eager Beaver Strip club who is also infatuated with Erin, this fan of Erin initiates a blackmail plan meant to help Erin with her custody battle against  her ex and to help her against a sleazy judge (Oh my God is he an ass!). There’s a lot against this hard working Mom. The results reader is just pure mayhem that will cause a snowball of even more crazy and did I mention it’s an election year? The body count is going to rise and Erin is going to need friends whom are quite colorful if not downright scary at times. The dialogue in this book is genius the settings will make you wish again to shower and if you’re a woman maybe just maybe make you look at men in power in a whole new light, ew! I hope readers that this isn’t how it is when it comes to politics and big corporations, but c’mon to not believe some of this is possible would just be naïve, still I had to listen to this story twice because I wanted to make sure I completely understood what the hell I just listened to! Loved to hate this book and love how the author Hiaasen wraps it all up towards quite the climactic ending. Definitely a book to pick up and read. Oh how ironic the radio just turned on to James Brown’s this is a man’s world? Kinda sums up some things indeed. Again, a fabulous read indeed.  

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