Sunday, January 5, 2014

Vampire Knight Volume 14 Story and Art by: Matsuri Hino

Well then, right...Volume 14 of Vampire Knight, my my my, how things have finally come to a head for certain characters in this series. Matsuri Hino again impresses me with her amazing detail to art and not only her characters expressions and detail but the overall scenes she creates are just sheer works of art. That being said, I was a little lost during this most recent volume, in this series I feel like a lot is left unsaid and often times I'm wondering if perhaps I'm interpreting these lack of vocal or body symbols as more than they are, but this book I felt just plain dizzy. The vampire Hunter society and the Vampire society plus what's going on at Cross academy is all so skewed and it feels like they're all a bit disjointed where once they fit together in odd moments of interlacing. So, Aido is imprisoned and he's being interrogated by the Hunter Society to learn more about Kaname's connection to Sara Shirabuki.....while this is occurring Yuki wants a fresh start with Kaname, but of course like it's been in the beginning and seems like it shall forever be certain circumstances may make that quite impossible for this to occur. This has always been quite the emotional series readers, but Matsuri has been able to bring in beautiful art and meld them with certain characters whom always remain innocent and at times quite comical, but it seems that for one of those characters the time of innocence and  blind loyalty must end. I have to admit I was so puzzled as what has led us to this particular path so much so that I'm going to go back to the beginning and read all 13 volumes to see how on Earth these cast of characters have come to be where they are. I feel like more and more questions keep arising and I don't know how much more I can take of these unspoken events that for every answer I receive concerning a particular pure blood he appears to go off script and create what seems to be more problems not solutions. Who am I kidding I'm going to keep reading this series to the very end may it be happy, sad, or covered in bodies drained of blood.

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